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Sgstyle's Selling Community
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.Join SGSTYLEBYTES as a member.
Do note that by JOINING US AS A MEMBER, you have read the rules and regulations of the community stated below and agree to its terms and conditions. Simply do not join if you do not agree to them. Any user who does not abide by these rules will be taken off from the community.
Entries are automatically set to members-only, so you need to join to view the entries and you will be able to start posting as well.

.Congratulations! You have now joined the community.


.Conditions of posting to SGSTYLEBYTES
1) Everyone is entitled to 1 selling post & 1 looking post per day. Moderators of this community will automatically reject posts that were made by the same user twice or more per selling post and per looking post a day.

Members are also not allowed to link previous selling post in their 'looking' post. Offenders will be warned and ultimately if this still persists on, they will have both their selling + looking posts taken down or the user will be taken off from the community.

2) Members are not allowed to promote other livejournal community/blogs(unless it's your own selling-journal) by ANY means through links, watermarks on photos or comments. Members who are caught doing so will have their posting access taken away or possibly be taken off from the community. Promotion of sgstyle or sg_beauty are allowed only.

3) When making a selling post, members are allowed to post their FB links from any communities or their personal FB link. Buyers are therefore strongly encouraged to be aware of the seller before making a transaction deal.

Sellers are also allowed to link their own selling-livejournal only with one link in their 'selling post'. Posts with multiple or more links of your selling-journal will automatically be rejected.

4) Only 1 picture outside the LJ-cut. The picture outside the LJ cut is not to exceed the limit of 400 x 400 pixels. All pictures within the LJ-CUT are not to exceed the limit of 800 x 800 pixels. Do ensure that you submit clear pictures.

5) Posts with huge fonts exceeding font size '4' will be rejected. Same goes for messy posts.

*6) No sprees or pre-orders of items are allowed at all. This also applies to selling post with backorder items. No selling of collections also. The entry will be rejected and the user will be banned.

7) No selling of pets/pirated VCDs or DVDs.

1) Members are not allowed to leave sgstylebytes-related comments to the mods' personal LJs or personal emails. The users will be banned and taken off from the community for invading the moderators' privacy. Any queries should be directed to sgstylebytes@gmail.com only.

2) Everyone is encouraged to be nice to other community members. Those who come across rude potential sellers/buyers should report the user to the email address given.

3) Please be aware that the community guidelines may change over time, and that the moderators have the right to approve or reject entries or anyone joining the community.

4) All queries, feedbacks or complaints should be directed to sgstylebytes@gmail.com. The moderator in charge of answering your queries is invainity.

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